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Fall Sunset Silhouette Paint Kit To-Go

Experience the enchantment of fall's twilight with our Fall Sunset Silhouette Paint Kit To-Go! Immerse yourself in a captivating scene where the silhouette of leafless trees stands against a gradient background, emulating the warmth of a sunset, on an 11x14 pre-traced canvas.


Included in Your Kit:

  • A pre-traced 11x14 canvas, ready for your artistic touch
  • A thoughtfully selected array of premium paints and brushes for stunning results
  • Step-by-step instructions and an artist-led instructional video to guide your creative journey


Capture Nature's Magic: Paint the allure of a fall sunset with the Fall Sunset Silhouette scene. Convey the tranquility of the twilight hour and the beauty of the leafless trees against the vibrant gradient background.


Ideal for Nature Enthusiasts: Whether you're an experienced artist or new to the canvas, our Fall Sunset Silhouette Paint Kit To-Go offers a captivating experience that speaks to the beauty of the changing seasons. Let your canvas mirror the magic of fall.


Convenient Pickup and Shipping: Local customers can enjoy free pickup in Kernersville, while those across the contiguous states can opt for shipping. Let the splendor of fall's twilight grace your canvas, wherever you are!


Order your Fall Sunset Silhouette Paint Kit To-Go and let the beauty of nature's transition shine on your canvas!

Fall Sunset Silhouette #741

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