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About Clink Paint

Welcome to the vibrant world of Clink Paint Pop-Ups, where every stroke of paint brings joy and community closer. Dive into a haven where art meets local flavor, curated to sprinkle a dash of fun and color into your life. With guidance from local artists and a splash of your creativity, we craft experiences that are not just about painting, but celebrating life's vivid hues. Meet us at the canvas—it's time to paint the town, together!

Bar Paint Pop Ups with Clink Paint

Painting Our Philosophy: Our Core Matra

Our brand's heartbeat is wrapped up neatly in our matra that we call our "WOW Factor," and it's what sets us apart from the rest. 

Every event kicks off with a jaw-dropping first impression, crafting memories that stick. Right from the get-go, when we pull up at a venue, it's all about seamless transitions and picturesque, proficient setups. We're here to show our venue partners and esteemed paint guests that we've got it all under control, down to the smallest spec. So they can focus on simply enjoying themselves. 

Think of us as a well-oiled machine, always on point with a spotless layout and nailing the timing at every event. Picture a perfectly choreographed dance, where each move blends effortlessly into the next, setting a feel-good rhythm from start to finish. And hey, our role doesn't just end when the fun wraps up. We're committed to leaving a space even better than how we found them.


It's all about - one - giving our venue partners a breezy, hassle-free experience, proving we're a service that brings in value and joy, not troubles. And - two - it's about stepping beyond the usual, dazzling our paint guests with a top-notch service and fostering community relationships that stand the test of time. You can bet on us to deliver the extraordinary, each and every time.

Through our WOW Factor, we dream big, striving to go beyond the usual, delivering services that not only meet but blow past expectations, nurturing trust and forging amazing experiences that can't be compared with other similar services in the area.

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👊 Meet the Clink Crew

Jose Ruiz


Co-Founder &
Leading Artist

Hire for Commissions

Steven Llano

Steven Llano

Co-Founder &


Contact for Venue Partnerships

Jenny DiNapoli

Jenny DiNapoli

Artist Guide &
Event Host

Hire for Commissions

Erick Razo

Erick Razo

Event Coordinator & Event Host

Watercolor Paint

🥂 Join an Event Today!

Choose from a local paint pop-up at neighborhood hotspots, a convenient to-go kit, your very own private party, or the gift of creativity with a gift card. Your vibrant adventure awaits!

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