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🎨 Private Paint Parties

We Come To You | All Materials Provided
Dreaming of a colorful soirée in your own space? Yearn for a mess-free, fuss-free artistic adventure? Say no more. You've just found the ultimate painting party destination!

If you are a business, visit our business page instead. 

  • 🎨 How does it work?
    Paint the Night Right in 5 Steps: 🎨 1. Count Your Crew: Plan your guest list. We can accomodate events up to 50 guests! 🎨 2. Need tables and chairs? We've got it covered. We offer complimentary tables and chairs for up to 15 guests at this time. We can work with our trusted local vendor at an additional cost in case you need rentals for a bigger party. 🎨 3. Host Paying or Passing to Guest? The host can pay for the event, or we can use our online registration portal and pass the fee to your guests. If the host is paying, only 50% is due upfront to book your date. If passing the fee to your guests, we'll send you a link to invite your guests, where they can reserve and pay for their spots. 🎨 4. Pick Your Party Time: Each paint bash lasts 2 hours (1.5 hours for kids), plus an hour before and after for setup and wrap-up. Drop your preferred dates and times using our booking link below. 🎨 5. Relax & Kick Back: Except for food and drinks, we bring all the paint party essentials: canvases, paints, brushes, water jars, aprons, and more. Got tunes in mind? We bring the beats and mics. Feel free to lay out drinks, snacks, or invite guests to bring shareable treats. Finger foods make the best paint pals! We also set the event for you, and we take pride in cleaning and resetting the space to how it was before leaving. 🎈 Fun for Every Age! For our pint-sized Picassos, we just ask for an adult chaperone to join the masterpiece-making and remain present at all times. 🖌️ Ready to brush up on fun? Book Us Now
  • 🎟️ What are your pricing rates?
    Pricing Rates: In the Piedmont Triad 14 guests or fewer: $40 per person 15 guests or more: $35 per person (Remember, we have a 6-guest minimum!) Outside the Piedmont Triad (We've added our travel sprinkle!) 14 guests or fewer: $45 per person 15 guests or more: $40 per person Special "Paint Your Pet" themed parties are $50/person due to the individualized nature of all the canvases. 🖌️ Ready to brush up on fun? Book Us Now
  • 📦What's all included?
    Except for food and drinks, everything needed for a paint party is included! We also offer complimentary tables and chairs for up to 15 guests at this time. We can work with our trusted 3rd party vendors for any additional table and chair rentals, and additional party services like: fruit tables and spreads, charcuterie boards and boxes, party decor, photo booths, and more!
  • 🎫How do I make payment? What about refunds/cancellations?
    How to Paint the Bill: Two Ways to Pay! 🎨💰 1. You Cover It: Choose to pay for your paint party in one go? Here's the scoop: Payment: We require 50% payment during booking to secure your slot. The remainder 50% is due once we've completed the event for you. Refunds: Given our prep work, from procuring canvases to pre-sketching designs and payouts to artists, the deposit is non refundable. However we understand things happen, so we can hold onto your deposit as a "credit" in case postponing is needed - simply reach out to us as soon as you can. 2. Pass Fee to Your Guests: Here's how it brushes out: Private Portal: We'll craft a unique payment gateway for your event. Share the link with your guests, and they can RSVP and pay for their spot. Refunds: We cap refunds at 50% post-booking. We will work with your guests in case a cancellation is needed.
  • 🖌️ Think You Can't Paint? Think Again!
    No Picasso skills? No problem! Our paint + sip events are less about perfect strokes and more about perfect moments. A vibrant host will guide you, breaking down brushworks into fun, easy steps. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to brush up, it's all about the joy of the journey. And hey, with a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of guidance, and perhaps a sip or two 🥂, you might just surprise yourself with the masterpiece you craft. Come for the paint, stay for the party! 🎉🖌️
Watercolor Paint

🥂 Ready to Book?

Book a private party at home OR find us at a local venue via our paint pop-ups. Let's clink to that! 🥂

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